Leading Manufacturer for Disposable Paper Cup

Peko-Pac is one leading manufacturer for disposable paper cups and plastic lids in Zhejiang province (in Eastern China). We have been engaged in paper industry for decades and completed ISO 9001 & ISO 22000. Since establishment of Peko-Pac, we are dedicated to bring high-quality, food-safe (FDA, LFGB & EU-10 passed), biodegradable and compostable products to the market. Peko-Pac is being green and eco-friendly......more>>

Why Choose Peko-Pac
    *Cost effective
    *In-time shipment
    *Food Safe
    *Eco friendly
    *Customer satisfaction

Latest News
Date: 2012/10/16
Announcement of New Production Line: Double-Wall Ripple Cup
The same hot-resistance and easy-holding function as triple-wall ripple cup, but this new double-wall ripple cup is with unique ripple (could be designed by client or our engineer).This makes customer logo remarkable in the market.

What We Manufacture
6 Production Lines